So5oS Event and Project

Exciting news for Docker's Guild fans! This year I celebrated 50 years of insanity and realized that almost none of the songs that I wrote, arranged and recorded on my different project or as a special guests on others' albums have ever been performed live. So I decided to celebrate my 50th bday by playing a couple songs from each project at a special event. The project is appropriately called So5oS and will include about 30 special guests, mostly friends an colleagues that have played with me in the last 43 years of music :) The set will include 5 Docker's Guild songs taken from all albums, including a preview of Die Today, a new song that will appear on Season 2 and has never been heard before. We will also play material from Bright Shadow, Anatema, Spleen, Dirty Secrets, Biloxi, Mio, Area 51, Rustfield, Shining Line, Frantic Amber, Tony Mills and the Vivaldi Metal Project.

January 11, 2018, 21:30 at the Al Luppolo Saloon in Roletto, northwestern Italy. FREE admission!

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  • abc
    Nice one.

    Nice one.

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