PledgeMusic Crowdfunding Effort Approved

Great news! PledgeMusic has accepted our crowdfunding proposal. While the campaign itself will start only in 2014, until then all fans can help with all the tools I've been sharing in the last couple weeks (mailing list, likes, shares, widgets, etc).

Thanks to each one of you for your help and support!

PS: 5% of funds will go the Opportunity Foundation, an organization which helps abused, abandoned and trafficked children in the city of Nang Rong in Thailand. This is where my wife comes from and having lived in Thailand and worked for 3 years with children in the early 2000s, so it's something very special and important to me. Today's also King's Day and Father's Day in Thailand so it seemed quite appropriate :)

I hope you'll enjoy this photograph from my "short hair days" in the village of Wang Chan.

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